Born in Madrid, Spain, Victor shows early a great interest for everything related to music. He began studying spanish guitar at age of 6 in elementary school. Afterwards, he leaves the guitar to study piano. Since he was a child spends a much time to master any musical instrument that fall into his hands. In his family atmosphere, he used to hear classical music, specially orchestral music including Beethoven's or Mozart's symphonies and zarzuela (Spanish lyric-dramatic genre that alternates spoken and sung scenes), musica that his father often played on vynil records while children play or do homework.

Every year, Victor helps to filmakers with low budgets but with interesting projects by composing for free soundtrack for films that are going to be submitted to festivals. So this films can count on a Soundtrack with the highest standards and a professional sound mix.

His relatives say that he always played the tunes he listened at home on the piano. At the same time he improvised new melodies that matched with what was playing on the vinyls in a intuitive and natural counterpoint. In the 90's he founded an 'A capella' band named Quantum with 7 members (4 boys and 3 girls) performing with voices even percussion sound of versions by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Queen, The Beatles and many more that Victor himseld arranged and adapted to the band configuration. At that time, he studies with Masud Razei and sings as tenor and arranges music for the Choir 'Villa de Mostoles'. Along with the choir director Miguel Angle Jaraba, Victor delves into choral conducting and sacred music and becomes the deputy conductor of the UNESCO's Choir and the choir of 'Villa de Mostoles'.

With academic training (RCSMM) in composition, harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, and composition for media, he is a perfectionist composer with all his works and has an encyclopedic knowledge of film music and the greatest classical composers. He also has training in Psychology (UNED) and speaks fluent English and French. Most of his premiered works are the choral scores but he has also written music for full orchestra and solo instruments. His orchestral music is characterized by a highly developed and refined string section. His style is very varied and can move from the neo-romantic music to atonal or serial pieces and of course, jazz and electronic sounds. Although he has composed for more than 20 years, he has just landed in soundtracks and film music but he has appeared brilliant. Victor is very well known in classical music sphere and he is requested by many solist and orchestras from around the world to write works to increase their own repertoire.

 He considers himseld a lucky worker and makes music everyday. He doesn't likes to approach to music in a mathematical way but he loves to experiment with new sounds. He spends a lot of time searching for sonorities and blending classical instruments and harmonies with new ways to make music.

At the moment his lives in Spain where he works primarily with publicist, film makers and producers from around the world. He currently works with 'Claqueta Blanca' and with 'First Team' a foundation chaired by Assumpta Serna and Scott Cleverdon.

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