"Just someone who writes music
to make films even more touching"

Music for films should avoid to be
the star of the movie.
It must be integrated in the project
and help to better express the director’s vision…
it should say to the audience what
is not written on the script or acted
on the screen.
A good soundtrack is not noticed but…
it makes you cry.

concert works

works performed by international orchestras and soloists

When music is the star on the stage
iswhen a composer can take risks…
Music becomes flirtatious and strutting
in front
of the audience.
The composer can
‘talk’ about his feelings,
his language and his
way to understand things that happen in
the world out and inside.

other works

music for advertising, theatre, institutions.
Conducting and artistic direction

Music for advertising, Theatre,
institutions and artistic direction
and conducting.


Soundtracks and international artists performing Victor’s music

Thinking of zebras

Music: Victor Mimbrero
Piano: Federica Badalini
Filmed in: Milan, Italy
(May, 2018)

Hogar, dulce hogar

Project: Film
Directed by:
 Carlos Carpallo
Music by:
 Victor Mimbrero
Genre: Horror

Single Agents

Project: Film
Directed by:
 Scott Cleverdon
Music by:
 Victor Mimbrero
Genre: Comedy

Caricia de Primavera (Teaser)

Project: Theatre
Directed by:
 Pedro Entrena
 Victor Mimbrero
Genre: Drama


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Listen an exclusive Victor’s cue of his last soundtrack
Title: Lulliby for Julieta (flamenco version)
Music by: Víctor Mimbrero
Featuring: Mar Rodríguez
Guitar: “Noly”


What do music and film industry professionals say about Victor

Excelente compositor com provas dadas de saber bem fazer o seu ofício.

Victor è un validissimo compositore dallo stile moderno con rispetto per la tradizione. Non banale e originale.

Victor Mimbrero ist ein guter Komponist!

Victor Mimbrero is a great professional. He has a deep undesrtanding of the piece you are presenting him and knows how to implement with his own ideas and elegance the tone agreed upon. He’s looking always for what best suits the film and the client. His music achieves always the goal to guide the public feelings to keep him in the story. His great gift of creativity and his truly attitude of team work, have made Victor a key element for any music film we produce. In the name of the organisation I represent, Foundation first team, I must highly recommend Victor Mimbrero as a person of special talent, one of those truly few musicians that have indeed the gift to compose music that moves us, inspire us and finally makes us better.

Víctor Mimbrero es el talento y la dedicación al servicio del cine y la industria audiovisual. Si quieres poner música en tu proyecto audiovisual, en tu publicidad, en tu serie, en tu vida llama a Víctor y luego dame las gracias porque vas a sentirte en deuda conmigo, pero sobre todo con él, como yo me siento. No hay contrato que pague su calidad.

Victor is an exceptional composer and a brilliant collaborator. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of classical, contemporary and film music. I don’t think there is any genre he is unfamiliar with. Our work together was fun, instructive and above all creative. He understands intimately the dynamic between director, composer and the story to be told. He is flexible and amazingly swift to correct or alter something to make it work more effectively. It is one thing to get the thing you asked for and another to get something consistently better than you could have imagined. I would recommend to any creative individual looking for personable and approachable collaboration to not hesitate to think of Victor. I am currently working again with him now and again he surprised me with his input and ideas. He will not only create something incredible but you will probably learn a great deal about your own work in the process.


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